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Location Key  
1 upstairs - Inn and Bank, downstairs - Magician supplies  
2 Library with Enchanter, Wizard, and Magician spells, Enchanter Trainer, downstairs Magician Trainer  
3a Meats and Stews, Food, Jewelry supplies  
3b Izbat's Wondrous Robes - robes and cloaks, Food and goods, Robes, Staves, Talking Scrolls - Generic spells  
4 Monk Trainer, Wizard Trainer at north end of open area (by stairs)  
5 Large cloth armor, Cloth armor, Food and goods, Brewing Supplies  
6 Sewing Kit, Baking Molds, Basic Smithing equipment, Forge, Large Molds, Armor Molds, Blacksmithing Molds  
7 empty  
8 The Fordel Hold - Bank  
9 Grimthor's Distillery - Food and goods, Alcohol, Brew Barrels  
10 empty  
11 Instruments, Food and goods, Fordel Scout armor, Fordel weapons, Rough hide armor, Boots  
12 Paladin and Cleric Trainers, Paladin and Cleric spells  
13 Oven, Alcohol  
14 Warrior Trainer  
15 Alcohol, Brew Barrel  
16 The Black Kettle - Alcohol  
17 Rogue Trainer  
18 Large Rough hide armor, Sewing Kit, Alchemy Supplies, Building east of this has Sewing Kit and Merchant selling ?, Soulbinder outside  
19 empty  
20 Bank, room north of this has Gems  
21 Heavy and regular boxes and bags, outside Merchants selling Food and other Goods  
22 Transporter to Nexus, Soulbinder nearby  
23 Teleporter to underground  
23a Ranger Trainer and spells  
23b Druid Trainer and spells  
23c Beastlord Trainer and spells  
23d Shaman Trainer and spells  
23e Tree, click to go back to 23  
24 Food and goods, Basic Blacksmithing supplies, Forge, Blade Molds, Shield Molds, Room to east has Food and other Goods  
25 Bard Trainer, Alcohol, Oven  
26 Fletching and Bowyer Supplies  
27 Marchop's Micro Metals - Tinkering supplies  
28 Shandeling's Roost - Inn  
29 Alcohol  
30 Jewelry supplies, metals, and gems  
31 Sewing patterns, Rough hide armor  
32 The Lost Turnip - Oven, Vegetables, Bags outside  
33 Deepcarver Plate and Pickbringers Chain armor  
34 Basic Blacksmithing and Dyeing supplies, Small armor molds, Forge  
35 Kiln, Pottery Wheel, Small leather armor, Alcohol, Fishing supplies, Pottery sketches, Basic Pottery supplies, Potions/Crystals  
36 Food  
37 Boots  
38 Bank  
39 Food and Drink  
40 Gems  
41 Weapons